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The Business Services Platform (“BSP”), led by John Dyment, is a 18-person post-investment team located in New York, London, and Hong Kong. Our mandate is to serve our partners across a variety of strategic initiatives with a customized approach. Our partners have some of the industry’s best talent, and the BSP acts as an extension of each of those teams. Our goal is to help drive growth and industry best practices as each of our partner firms evolves and pursues their own strategic vision.

The BSP focuses on two aspects of business development: vertical (asset raising) and horizontal (enterprise value creation). The BSP consistently engages with senior management, business development and back office personnel, working to drive the firm forward while leaving the firm’s core competency—investing—untouched. Our efforts focus on the following areas:

Client Development & Marketing Support

Employs a systematic, process-driven approach to client development, which is designed to diversify a manager’s client base by increasing the number and quality of interactions with potential investors.

Product Development

Advises on product development process best practices, and provides market guidance on new product launch execution and implementation.

Talent Management

Aims to introduce top-tier candidates who not only meet the technical and analytical needs of partner firms, but also fit within their culture. Additionally, positions asset managers to navigate organizational lifecycle shifts by ensuring their teams are right-sized and succession plans are in place.

Business Strategy

Conducts bespoke management consulting projects such as developing firm strategic growth plans, evaluating distribution expansion options, and assessing brand development strategies. Additionally, provides strategic best practices advice, and competitive benchmarking reports.

Operational Advisory

Delivers support and best practices advice to our partners’ business operations, technology, and infrastructure functions through peer benchmarking, thought leadership and customized analysis.


All information is as of March 31, 2018, unless otherwise indicated.

The information regarding each of our partnerships has been provided and approved by the applicable partner.

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